What is creative living?

It is a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Sarah’s mission is just that- to live a life full of curiosity and wonder.

Inspired by travel, she is always experimenting with new projects. Whether it be photography, writing, decorating, or book binding, Sarah values the act of creating and loves to work with her hands.

past projects

Sarah’s main project was working on establishing and growing her own Etsy shop, Sarah Reimer Designs.

Using local and sustainable materials, Sarah would turn her photographs from a simple image into a tangible work of art.  From printing on handmade paper to transferring images to reclaimed wood, every piece tells a unique story.  You can find her images transformed into handbound books, prints, wood pieces, card, canvases and more.

Though she has put the shop on hold for now, she continues to explore her creativity and loves to connect with other creatives!