Spring Handmade Market: Quality over Quantity


Exciting news!  Sarah Reimer Designs will be setting up at the Handmade Market Niagara on May 11 &12!

After a painfully long winter season, I am looking forward to getting back into my groove.  Though my products will not have changed a whole lot (though I promise I will have some new product!), how I am creating has changed.  I've slowed down, allowing myself time to experiment, and also time to perfect.  It's quality over quantity.

When I first began my journey as a vendor at the Handmade Market a couple of years ago, I was flooded with different anxieties and stresses that I'm sure anyone emerging as an artist experiences at some point.  Is my work good enough? Did I price my work fairly?  Do I have enough stock?!  My biggest fear was that I'd run out of product.  Which I've learned now is (though a fair question), something I put too much stress on.  Though it's good to not run out an hour into the show, I think it's way more important to bring quality work that you are proud of.  I ended up going overboard my first show, having so many prints available that I am STILL working through selling that mother load.  

What I will be bringing that is new this year, are a collection of wood cover books.  I also am working on different ways to re-purpose my old travel calendars, so you may see some one of a kind "recycled" pieces!  

As for details for the show, you can visit their website for more details, but here is a quick overview:

When: Friday May 11 & Saturday May 12

Where: 13th Street Winery, St. Catharines

Hope to see you then!